This unique diploma offers an opportunity to apply for two levels: Foundation and Standard. The Foundation level is developed for candidates who aspire to develop practical IT skills, such as competently using word processing software, file management and Internet-related skills. Candidates are awarded the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh International Diploma in IT Skills once they have successfully passed the appropriate exam.

As for the Standard level, it builds on the Foundation level training by providing advanced skills and training ensuring that candidates possess the specialized and advanced IT skills needed by employers.

The Diploma includes seven training syllabi, according to which the candidate's progress is assessed.

These seven syllabi are:

1- Introduction to Information Technology.

2- Computer Use and Files Management.

3- Word Processing Using MS Word.

4- Spreadsheets Using MS Excel.

5- Electronic Communication Using MS Internet Explorer.

6- Databases Using MS Access.

7- Presentation Using MS PowerPoint.


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