Talal Abu-Ghazaleh International Diploma in IT Skills (TAG-DIT)

TAG-DIT is a continuation of the certificate offered by TAG.Global since 2001 in cooperation with Cambridge International Examinations - University of Cambridge which has recently approved a new policy to stop the accreditation of the professional certificate issued by all organizations and institutions of the world commencing 30/6/2017.  
You may apply for TAG-DIT through Talal Abu-Ghazaleh E-Training Center (TAGICIT) which aims to eradicate Internet illiteracy, evaluate the candidate's capability in using certain software, promote word processing, develop the candidate's skills and qualifications, remove the psychological barrier to use IT, provide all society segments with IT skills and apply quality technologies in the provided service. 
Diploma Levels:

The Diploma has two levels: Foundation and Standard. The Foundation Level is designed for students, employees, trainees and those who want to develop their practical skills in IT such as the use of word processing program, file management and Internet connections. The trainee who passes the program will be granted TAG-DIT for the level he joined. The materials of the Standard level, however, are the same of the basic but at an Standard level so that they meet the needs of jobs with specialized high-tech skills.

The diploma includes seven training materials upon which the evaluation takes place, namely: 
1. Introduction to IT
2. Microsoft Windows.
3. Microsoft Word
4. Microsoft Excel
5. Internet Explorer
6. Microsoft PowerPoint
7. Microsoft Access

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