Minimum Specifications Recommended Specifications
Operating System Original copies of Microsoft Office licensed by Microsoft Corporation must be installed in all computers Microsoft Updates
Service Pack Release 2 Regular Updates
Option 1 Installing Windows XP with language pack for Arabic Exams
Option 2 Clean Installation of both Arabic Windows XP and English Windows XP on two different partitions
Office Application MS Office XP or MS Office 2003 Regular MS Updates
Option 1 MS Office XP with Language pack apply with OS Option 1
Option 2  MS Office XP-Arabic and MS Office XP-English  on the two different partitions apply with OS Option2
Testing System Install the latest version from using your credentials  to log in, download the Client application and the Server application
  1.  Make sure that Dot NET frame work version 1.1 is installed on the machines that will host Client or Server application.
  2. 2. Receive the necessary credentials from
  1.  Anti-Virus (Norton Symantec is recommended)
  2. Dot NET frame work
  1. Regular update
  2. Review regularly  for updates
Browser V 6.0 and above Regular Update

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