To help the trainees to qualify, Talal Abu Ghazaleh E-Training Center provides a complete set of training material based on the curriculum we have developed. We also prepare and develop all material in Arabic to help the students overcome any language barriers and study.

The training material is supported in Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Information Technology

    The aim of this module is to introduce the candidate to the basic commands regarding the use of a PC, its peripherals and the Internet, as well as to demonstrate the importance of IT in all aspects of our daily life.

  • Module 2: Computer Use and Files Management

    This module familiarizes the candidate with the basic functions of the MS Windows Operating System (OS) and of the applications related thereto,  such as organizing files and folders, using Windows applications and using printers.

  • Module 3: Word Processing Using MS Word

    This module aims at familiarizing candidates with MS Word. The programs of this module will teach candidates how to create, save, format and type documents such as letters, memorandums and simple reports, and to use features such as drawings and tables.

  • Module 4: Spreadsheets Using MS Excel 

    This module aims at teaching candidates the basic skills required to successfully and efficiently use Excel worksheets. It pays particular attention to showing candidates how to present information clearly and concisely.

  • Module 5: Electronic Communication Using MS Internet Explorer.

    This module teaches candidates how to use e-mail applications and how and where to find relevant information on the Internet

  • Module 6: Databases Using MS Access

    This module aims at providing the skills to successfully manage a database. Candidates are shown how to create, edit and format a simple database, including tables, inquiries, forms and reports by using Microsoft Access.

  • Module 7: Presentation Using MS PowerPoint

    This module aims at providing candidates with the ability to create, edit, format and present slide shows by using Microsoft PowerPoint. Furthermore, the candidate learns how to merge texts, edit clip art, drawings, tables, use special effects and how to create simple slides with the help of templates.

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