Examinations Methodology:

For the exam registration, candidates start by selecting one of the two levels (Foundation or Standard) offered by the certificate and then he or she can apply at any of the certified centers.

The exam begins with the application chosen, which is provided by the exam software. when the examination is over, the results are immediately shown on the screen of the examiner. this is thanks to the technology of electronic and immediate correction which has been developed in house by our software experts. in case the applicant fails any of the seven applications, he or she can register for a make-up examination for that particular application.

Examinations can be taken at any time during the year at any of the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh certified centers, regardless of where the candidates sat for previous examinations. As the centers offer training for the certificate courses, the duration duration of the course lasts 70 to 90 hours, according to the required level.